Friday, June 25, 2010


ok its been awhile but here we go new blog. What has twitter meant to me? it's been a great place....for the most part. there are definitely all sorts of people out in the twitterverse.

There are people who may be too shy to express certain sides of themselves in the real world, and twitter is a great escape to allow that. You don't need to post your real name if you choose not to.

There are genuine honest caring people, who will go out of their way to make sure, or at least try to ensure you have a good day, or even try to make that day better.

There are funny hilarious people, who will always make you laugh no matter what.

There are people who will just shock you at every turn.

There are also unfortunately fakes and liars on twitter as well. Some of them are easy to see through, and some of them weave such a tangled web of deciet and lies, that i am sure they have forgotten who they themselves are.

There i believe are also angels among twitter as well. Finding someone you can be so close to, yet never having met, but just feeling that kind of inexplicable bond that connects you.

I have made a lot of friends, and made a few real close ones. Closer to some people than i'd ever imagine i could be. i have had a lot confided in me and i have confided a lot as well. Everything confided to me has stayed there. Safely hidden away in a vault with a memory lock, so that only i may access it.

It pains me to have to say this but i am leaving twitter for awhile. I will be checking in sporadically here and there to drop a quick hi, hello or pic. It's unfortunate that twitter's inabilities to maintain a properly functioning system, it's caused me to have broken conversations, especially some important conversations with people by not sending me all my messages to my phone. thia has been a regular occurance with twitter especially this past week, so it has led me to this decision. If you would like other ways to contact me feel free to. Some of you already do. There are no worries or hard feelings if you don't. I won't look at anyone any differently if you choose not to keep in touch while im away from twitter in my normal presence. So i wish you all a good day.


if anyone would like access to those, please dm me.

love ya all.................scott xoxo

AMMENDED ok so i was almost going to delete this.....but i figured why? all my blogs are real thoughts, real experiences so its going to stay im just ammending it.

my "selfish ego" reared up and played a role in posting this blog. was thinking to much about the bullshit that twitter has been the pasat week with its issues due to world cup.

theres more important things to consider than dealing with the twitter issues that it has with its inabilities to handle the masses.

thought hard this am at work. it made me sad. in a way i kinda felt like i was cutting off an arm due to a hang nail. was thinking about the smiles that twitter has given me, the great friends and close relationships that have been made. the multitudes of smiles and bright spots in people's day that i create.

so to sum it up y'all stuck with my ugly mug on twitter :P

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